Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

I am very excited to offer the basics of Louise Hay's philosophies in a clear, concise, uplifting and spiritual one (1) day or night seminar. You will learn simple steps which make a huge difference in your thinking about adding joy to your life.  All aspects of your life will benefit.   Class includes mirror work, positive affirmations, discussions and discoveries. The soothing music & peaceful meditations add to the enlightening experience. 

Warning, emotional moments & hugging will always occur.  Dancing, singing, energy guaranteed.  

A University of California study found that students who participated in mindfulness training demonstrated heightened memory and improved reading-comprehension scores on the GRE.  Researchers believe that the ability to focus their minds properly reduced anxiety and helped boost scores. 

Workshops emphasize the importance of mindfulness, simple breathing techniques,

visualizations and positive affirmations.

Please call to set up a workshop in your learning center.  These are not just test taking skills but LIFE SKILLS.  For ages 13-20.  Give  your students all the tools for success! They teach you the material

EMPOWER! THRIVE! teaches techniques to use your mind to succeed.


Perfect for 7th and 8th graders as they transition into high school.  Students learn about positive affirmations, mindfulness and the importance of feeling happy and not giving into social pressures.  Important lessons. Please call or email to set up in your school.


More in depth talks about all the above plus depression signs and statistics.   Group and individual discussions.  Happy moments and lots of insight.  Again, important lessons.

Please call or email to set up in your school.


Thursday, December 21st - Santa Clara Location TBD  $85 bring a friend $5 off

Make Those Changes Now- A Step By Step Workshop to Achieve Those Goals in 2018

Most people don’t realize joy, like sports and music, needs to be practiced every day.  This workshop teaches the tools to change your negative habits and create positive thoughts through mindfulness, mirror work and positive affirmations. Changing your belief system will have profound benefits to all aspects of your life ( i.e. relationships, career, finances, health) etc.  The results are life changing.  

Class will be for 12 students so register early.  Beautiful facility.

Wednesday, January 10th 6-9 pm Pizza Factory. 3039 Meridian Avenue, San Jose $25  

LET’S MAKE A ACTION BOARD TO CELEBRATE 2018  Your world is hectic. However, start the year with a plan to invest in you and create what you want to accomplish.    Vision Boards are a great tool to select images and positive words that align with your thoughts and train your brain to reach your goals.  Oprah and Ellen love vision boards.  Workshop's topic is achieving true happiness by changing your thoughts.  You will learn the tools to change your bad habits and create positive thoughts through mindfulness and positive affirmations.  Please bring any type of board and any inspirational quotes or words that have meaning to you. Plus, creativity, positivity and a smile.