Girls 13-18 years old
Los Gatos Recreation Center

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Teen girls learn the importance of positive thinking and mindfulness.  Classes enhance self-esteem, self-worth and empower the teen, parent and relationship.  Teaching how to be aware of thoughts and changing them positively is so powerful and life changing.  Opens up the doors of opportunity.  "WOW" says most adults, "I wish I had this information at a young age, it would have decreased many problematic situations".  Add music, relaxation, brainstorming and this becomes a beautiful experience. 

Wednesday, April 18 & 25th            6:00 – 7:30 pm $50 plus $20 material fee

Immediately after class 15 minutes brief overview for parents to present material taught.  Optional.



About Instructor Ilene

Certified Heal Your Life

Workshop Leader

Currently owns

High Low Music  www.highlowmusic.com

a successful music and movement baby/ toddler business.  The two businesses complement each other as they teach to discover inner feelings through music and meditations.  She is a passionate believer in Louise's message and  continues to return to her books for spiritual guidance and healing.


At Harvard University this semester, students are flocking to a new class that might give them some insight into the secret to happiness. Psychology 1504, or "Positive Psychology," has become the most popular course on campus. Twice a week, some 900 students attend Tal Ben-Shahar's class on what he calls "how to get happy." He achieved personal happiness by taking himself off the tenure track — because not having to publish makes him happy. His class offers research from the relatively new field of positive psychology, which focuses on what makes people happy, rather than just their pathologies.


Helping teens and adults create balance and enrich their lives.

Classes held in Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga & San Jose.

 408-838-4524   For more information email  empowerthrive@gmail.com



Workshops Offered January 2018

Make Those Changes Now!   A Step By Step Workshop to Achieve Those Goals in 2018

Action Board Workshops for 2018

NEW! Action Board Workshops for 2018

Wednesday, January 10  @ The Pizza Factory 3039 Meridian Avenue, San Jose 95124
6-9pm , $25 includes pizza + drink.  Bring a friend $5 off email for info

Create a Action Board , a tool to motivate you to make powerful changes in all areas of your life.

Plus, life changing discussion on creating more joy, mindfulness and positive affirmations.

What are action boards?  A tool to help motivate you to work toward achieving your better self. 
Bring your own board (cardboard, tri-board) meaningful words, images and learn powerful techniques to achieve your dreams. Magazines provided too.  Great fun and powerful!  $5 board available for purchase.